Judy Hornigold

Bespoke special needs training


Help!  My Child Has Dyslexia

Originally a guide for parents but now frequently used by TAs, Teachers and Sencos.

Published by LDA

Dyscalculia Pocketbook

Tips, tools and techniques for supporting children whose mathematical ability is affected by dyscalculia.

Published by Teachers Pocketbooks

Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Book 1 and 2 and Resources Kit

Designed to help deliver Dyscalculia Lesson Plans in both Book 1 and Book 2 and can also be used independently to support children with mathematical learning difficulties.

Published by TTS

Making Maths Visual and Tactile

SEN books

Understanding Maths Learning Difficulties

Published by Open University Press

Can I tell you about ... Dyscalculia?

A guide for friends, families and professionals.

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers